Expert Property Management

Discover exceptional property management at 3Realty, designed to maximise your property’s value and profitability. At 3Realty, we treat your investment with the care and attention it deserves, just as if it were our own. Our performance fee covers a wide range of services aimed at maximising your return on investment.

Services Covered by Our Performance Fee

Our performance fee covers an array of essential services to ensure your property is in the best possible hands:

  1. Marketing Strategy Implementation:
    • We prepare and execute effective marketing strategies to attract quality tenants.
  2. Efficient Tenant Handling:
    • We promptly and efficiently handle all tenant inquiries.
  3. Property Showcasing:
    • We attend private inspections and open houses to showcase your property.
  4. Negotiation Expertise:
    • We skillfully negotiate with prospective tenants to secure favourable lease terms for both the landlord and the tenant.
  5. Comprehensive Application Processing:
    • We thoroughly process tenancy applications, including comprehensive reference checks.
  6. Detailed Property Reporting:
    • We prepare a detailed ingoing condition report, complete with extensive photographs.
  7. Lease Management:
    • We primarily organise and manage lease signing procedures electronically to streamline the process.
  8. Tenant Onboarding:
    • We aim to ensure a smooth and hassle-free onboarding process for new landlords and tenants.

Leasing Fee (Included in Management Fees)

Our leasing fee encompasses critical services essential for maintaining the value and success of your investment:

  • Timely Rent Collection and Arrears Management:
    • Ensuring consistent cash flow through timely rent collection and arrears management.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Coordination:
    • Coordinating repairs and maintenance to keep your property well-maintained.
  • Periodical Rent Reviews:
    • Optimising rental income in line with market conditions through regular rent reviews.
  • Routine Inspections:
    • Conducting routine inspections with detailed reports and photographs to monitor property condition and state of repair.
  • Financial Account Management:
    • Managing payments of rates, levies, and other accounts on your behalf.
  • Compliance Management:
    • Ensuring compliance with water, smoke alarm, and swimming pool regulations.
  • Effective Communication with Strata Management:
    • Coordinating and communicating effectively with Strata Management, if applicable.
  • Expert Dispute Resolution:
    • Handling any tenant-related issues with expertise and efficiency.

Transparent Fee Structure

Our fee structure is designed to be clear and fair, ensuring transparency in our services:

  • Management Fee:
    • 5.5% (inclusive of GST) of the rental income.
  • Leasing Fee:
    • Equivalent to 1x week’s rent.
  • Additional Fees:
    • Lease Preparation Fee, Administration Fee, End of Financial Year Statement, Tribunal Application, and related services are charged separately.

Ensuring Timely Disbursements

We prioritise timely disbursements, aiming to process monthly payments as close to the 30th of each month as possible, considering the corresponding weekday. Additionally, you’ll receive a detailed annual end-of-financial-year statement for tax purposes.

To maintain smooth operations, we conduct weekly creditor runs, ensuring prompt payment of accounts to various service providers such as tradespeople or rates notices etc. This practice not only keeps your property well-managed but also ensures our local tradespeople receive top-notch service consistently, fostering strong relationships within the community.

Reach Out to Us

We believe our comprehensive services and transparent fee structure make us an ideal partner for managing your property. For inquiries or to discuss your specific needs further, please feel free to reach out to us.