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It was 2015 and 3Realty founder Joel was heading up a well established finance brokerage business. He would often listen to many frustrations experienced by his clients. They ranged from developer clients who were unable to move their property stock to Mums and Dads unable to find that extra bit of guidance and re-assurance when listing their properties for sale.

At the same time, on the other side of the globe, co-founder Walter the Managing Director of Reinhard Marketing (a company that for the last 20 years has specialized in helping business grow and protect their client base through effective marketing) was experiencing firsthand the many disappointments shared by landlords of the constant battle to influence property managers to select the right tenant for a property to the day to day management of the asset.

Sharing these simultaneous discoveries over a late night Skype call and realizing that there simply must be a better solution, they agreed to “talk property” upon Walter’s return to Australia.

“Fast forward twelve months and on considering our business values we came to the realization that it does in fact take 3…  That is, that there are 3 important parties that must always work together to achieve the best outcomes in real estate” and just like that 3 Realty was born.

Once the business model was clear, a successful formula to attract the best people was next on the agenda.

“How does 3Realty attract the best available talent and have them stay long term that was the question”. “In other words we knew from our own experience in dealing with agents that our clients would like the peace of mind of knowing that they would be dealing with committed team members who see the business as their own and just as importantly that the same person who is familiar with them and their asset will be around for many years to come to look after their needs.”

The answer was as simple as it was obvious “we do this by ensuring that our representatives can be shareholders in the business.”

So, regardless of whether you are seller, buyer, developer, landlord, tenant or one of their licensees the aim at 3Realty is to take away the complexity, pressure, stress and uncertainty often linked to real estate.

“We hold ourselves accountable to provide our stakeholders with the most rewarding real estate service in the market. We believe that getting to know people over a coffee is a great foundation for building a long term relationship.

Our aim is to continue to assist our loyal clients and earn the trust and respect of all future clients in achieving their lifestyle goals, we feel our people and our systems work in perfect synergy to do just that.”

So when you’re ready to take the next step in your property journey, be it as a client or as a career talk to the team at 3Realty, they would love to have a coffee with you, they are always ready to “Talk Property”

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