Walter Reinhard

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Walter Reinhard

Non Executive Director

At 21, as a young entrepreneur Walter became focused on owning the ladder instead of trying to climb it. “We had little idea what a P & L was or why we needed a business plan when we opened our first business.”

It didn't take long before Walter made the realisation that businesses’ grew predominantly as a result of leaders who were practiced on the subjects of sales and marketing. “I can recall deciding to become fluent on the subject and not having been an interested student at school I was surprised at the number of books I was reading”.

How did the real estate journey start? “In my free time I either enjoyed writing or romancing the property market, after the Shoeshine Boy was published all my spare energy was channelled into property. Besides my own projects I started helping my curious friends start their own portfolio. I became a sounding voice for those selling, buying, developing etc, I made it clear that my advice on the subject was purely from a duty of care perspective, most followed it and did very well.”

When Joel, 3 Realty’s Managing Director, proposed that they turn their mutual hobbies into a vehicle that would benefit the general public, the answer was a resounding YES! “The only pre requisite was that we had to do it based on our values. We both wanted to be a service provider that wasn’t influenced by the way things were done in the industry but rather by the way we felt things should be done. A key value is that we don’t benefit until our stakeholders benefit, be it the client, our employees or our joint venture partners.”

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